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Regional Clubs


Regional Club Guidelines and Request for Recognition

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Belgian Sheepdog Club of the Rockies

Contact: Sonja J. Ostrom
Phone: 720-347-8571
Email: moc.o1500800136nuj@s1500800136naigl1500800136ebadn1500800136epuk1500800136
Area: Denver, CO and surrounding area

Downeaster Belgian Sheepdog Club

Contact: Kristine R Barberi
Email: ten.t1500800136sacmo1500800136c@kca1500800136jtacn1500800136ooC1500800136
Area: Northeastern/New England Area

Potomac Valley Belgian Sheepdog Club

Contact: Jim Reise
Phone: 301-831-6137
Email: ten.n1500800136ozire1500800136v@esi1500800136er1500800136
Area: Washington D.C. Metro
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Raritan Belgian Sheepdog Club

Contact: Suzanne Wood
Email: moc.o1500800136ohay@1500800136snaig1500800136lebar1500800136odill1500800136ac1500800136
Area: Raritan, New Jersey & PA, NY, NH

Belgian Sheepdog Club of the Blue Ridge

Contact: Eileen Indorato
Phone: 904-589-4562
Email: moc.o1500800136ohay@1500800136otaro1500800136dnine1500800136elie1500800136
Area Covered: North Carolina

Belgian Sheepdog Club of North Georgia

Contact: Terri Ann Votava
Phone: 704-864-0767
Email: ten.m1500800136aerts1500800136dniw@1500800136ocnar1500800136bsnaS1500800136
Area Covered: Georgia

Northwest Belgian Sheepdog Club

Contact: Tami Worley
Phone: 503-625-4362
Email: moc.l1500800136oa@1m1500800136ocyel1500800136row1500800136
Area: Pacific Northwest

Barbary Coast Belgian Sheepdog Club

Contact: Carol Hudson
Phone: 510-237-9884
Email: moc.o1500800136ohay@1500800136swens1500800136bcb1500800136
Area: Northern California

Belgian Sheepdog Club of Oakland County, Michigan

Contact: Karen Hodges
Phone: 810-765-8915
Email: moc.l1500800136iamto1500800136h@ngl1500800136ebwei1500800136vyab1500800136
Area: Oakland County, Michigan & surrounding area

Trinity Valley BSD Club

Contact: Lisa Leffingwell
Phone: 214-327-1168
Email: moc.o1500800136ohay@1500800136snaig1500800136lebny1500800136wsil1500800136
Area: Dallas/Ft Worth, TX

Sierra Nevada Belgian Sheepdog Club of Northern Nevada

Contact: Kathay Lovell
Phone: (530) 318-4700
Email: ten.l1500800136abolg1500800136cbs@y1500800136ahtak1500800136
Area Covered: Northwest/Northern California, Nevada