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Barbara Swisher
Editor, BSCA Newsletter
22 69th Street #B5
Guttenberg, NJ 07093-4436

Email: ofni.1521546042acsb@1521546042rotid1521546042eswen1521546042 – preferred method of correspondence.

Note: Please place “BSCA Newsletter” in the subject line of emails.

The Belgian Sheepdog Newsletter is provided to the membership as part of the dues (currently $30.00) and is published 6 times per year. Each issue tends to focus on a special area. The schedule is a follows:

  • January/February Issue – Veterans
  • March/April Issue -Puppies
  • May/June Issue – Performance & Working Dogs
  • July/August Issue – National Specialty
  • September/October Issue – Brood Bitch
  • November/December Issue – Stud Dog

The BSCA Newsletter welcomes advertising from club members as well as non-members.

Send BSCA Newsletter Submissions to: News Letter Submissions

For a copy of the BSCA Newsletter Editorial Guidelines, Advertising Rates & Specifications contact the Editor or download the Rates/Specifications/Policy in PDF format.

The BSCA Newsletter is available to non-members at a cost of $50.00 for 6 issues annually. Inquiries may be sent to the editor.

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