Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America

ROM Recipients

The Registry of Merit was approved by the BSCA in 1983, based on offsprings’ championships and performance awards. Dogs were required to be Champion Companion Dogs to be eligible although an exception was made for dogs who were born before 1975. If they did not have their CD, they could be awarded an Honorary Certificate. Such dogs are designated (H).


Ch A-Yacht’s Mycon CD
Breeder: James and Joanne Ayotte
Owner: John H. Warnick

Ch Banjoette O’Ebon Will UD
Breeder: Terry Hendricks
Owner: Terry Hendricks

Ch Barbi Candide CDX
Breeder: Rudy Robinson
Owner: Mary K. Dillaway

Am/Mx Ch Bruce v Kaiserhof Sch-H III
Breeder: Erich Stahlin
Owner: Kurt Marti

Am/Mx Ch Ester v Siegestor UD, PC
Breeder: Kurt Marti
Owner: Kurt Marti

Ch Greenfields Astrid CD
Breeder: Ellen Haro
Owner: Ellen Haro

Ch Ichim des Forges Monceux (H)
Breeder: Berthe Remant
Owner: Sheila Rentschler

Ch Laralee’s Rebel Roc O’Lorahame, CDX, Sch-H I
Breeder: Laura Patton
Owner: Freya Robison

Ch Maggie’s Revenge CDX, Sch-H I, ET
Breeder: Herbert Stuber
Owner: Kurt and Marianne Marti

Ch Milan’s Skip On O’Ebon Will (H)
Breeder: Anne Schlenzig
Owner: Pat Barajas

Am/Can Ch Mi-sha-ook’s Lunar Shade (H)
Breeder: Skip and Elsie Stanbridge
Owner: Kathleen Mahaffey

Am/Mx Ch Oca v. Siegestor UD, Sch-H I, ET, PC, GA
Breeder: Kurt Marti
Owner: Kurt Marti

Ch Quilhot’s Lupo Nero (H)
Breeder: Helen Quilhot
Owner: Ted Rowland

Ch Quivala de la Baraque de Planches (H)
Breeder: Leon Bottemanne
Owner: Sheila Rentschler

Ch Solarmarc’s Constellation (H)
Breeder: Mary Jane Buckman
Owner: Helena Brown

Ch Stage Command O’Ebon Will (H)
Breeder: Terry Hendricks
Owner: Carole VanderMeulen and Judy Bell

Ch Stage Song O’Ebon Will CD
Breeder: Terry Hendricks
Owner: Peggy O’Neill

Am/Cn Ch Star de la Baraque de Planches (H)
Breeder: Leon Bottemanne
Owner: Skip and Elsie Stanbridge

Am/Can Ch Uhlan Bar Bingen UDT, Can CD
Breeder: Mary K. Dillaway
Owner: Mary K. Dillaway

Ch Vicci’s Concertina (H)
Breeder: Mr. & Mrs. H.W. Sharp
Owner: Carole VanderMeulen

Ch Zachariah Coburg of Van Mell CDX
Breeder: Carole VanderMeulen
Owner: John and Dalene Eaton

Ch Zulvo CD
Breeder: J. Delpeuch
Owner: Rudy Robinson


Ch Sindy de la Baraque de Planches CDX
Breeder: Leon Bottemanne
Owner: Ellen Haro


Ch A-Dew’s Skip on Rebel O’Ebon Will UDT
Breeder: Peggy O’Neill
Owner: Stephanie Price

Ch Crocs-Blancs Marie Victorie CD
Breeder: Donna Lester
Owner: Claire Trethewey

Ch Dianna de la Belgique CD
Breeder: Dorothy McDaniel
Owner: Sunny Stock


Ch Britwald’s Julie Ann de Maddox CD
Breeder: Hilbert Maddox
Owner: Barbara Salberg

Am/Mx Ch Brown’s Jeamill of Hamor CD
Breeder: Ardis Morris and Lois Hasty
Owner: Jeani and Millard Brown


Ch Boegna du Domaine Ponti CD
Breeder: L. Franch
Owner: Mary Linda Adams and Nancy Klarman

Ch Brenna v Siegestor UDT
Breeder: Kurt Marti
Owner: Lorra Acord

Ch Claire de Lune Etoile CDX
Breeder: Claire Trethewey
Owner: Danielle Daugherty and Barbara Swisher

Ch Crocs-Blancs Ryker CD
Breeder: Danielle Daugherty and Lynn Halpin
Owner: Barbara Swisher, Patty Vellegas and Danielle Daugherty

Ch Sherborne Fantasy of Jeamill CDX
Breeder: Jill Sherer
Owner: Jill Sherer


Ch Greenfields Sinique CD
Breeder: Janet Constable
Owner: Ellen Haro

Ch Jayes Von Jet (H)
Breeder: James and Joane Ayotte
Owner: Elaine Jaye

Ch Ward v Amstelhof CD
Breeder: W. Visser
Owner: Pat Johnson

Ch Touraline’s Dixie CD
Breeder: Janet Constable
Owner: Janet Constable


Ch Endymion’s Charisma CD
Breeder: Marc Hassel
Owner: Linda McCarty

Ch Isadora v. Siegestor CD
Breeder: Kurt Marti
Owner: Kurt Marti

Ch Sherborne Daiquiri CDX
Breeder: Jill Sherer
Owner: Jill Sherer

Ch Solarmarc’s Christina CD
Breeder: Mary Jane Bushman
Owner: Charlene Mascuch


Ch Aleika’s Ben Her UDT
Breeder: Stephanie Price
Owner: Stephanie Price

Ch Celte de la Pouroffe CD
Breeder: R. Renard
Owner: Mary Linda Adams

Ch High Mount’s Carbon UD
Breeder: Helena Brown
Owner: Dr. Carol Stein

Ch Riverview’s Shelby Wildlife CD
Breeder: Pat Barrett
Owner: Linda Elligott

Ch Van Mell’s Trademark CD
Breeder: Carole VanderMeulen and Mike Fine
Owner: Gorham and Carole VanderMeulen

Ch Voudon’s Erzulie CD
Breeder: Irene Weeks
Owner: Margery Riddle


Ch Eyass Hot Shot Hustler CD
Breeder: Sunny Stock
Owner: J Stock

Ch Noir Aimee’s Midnight Magic CD
Breeder: Elinore Rogers
Owner: Kathy Bober

Ch Oza v Siegestor CD
Breeder: Kurt and Marianne Marti
Owner: Kurt and Marianne Marti


Ch Highlight v. Siegestor CDX, Sch-H l
Breeder: Kurt Marti
Owner: Kurt Marti

Ch Lorjen Heir Apparent CD
Breeder: Roger Ellis and Charlene Mascuch
Owner: Roger and Maxine Ellis

Ch Mawrmyth High Society of Mika CD
Breeder: Marcy Spalding
Owner: Kathy Sutton and Marcy Spalding

CH Qazar Charfire v Siegestor UD
Breeder: Kurt Marti
Owner: Elaine Haven

Ch Ravenwood’s Star Magic CD
Breeder: Eleanor McDonald
Owner: Jan Manuel and Carolyn Kelso

Ch Rolin Ridge’s Fourteen Karat CD
Breeder: Linda McCarty
Owner: Linda McCarty


Ch Avatar’s Ava-Claire CDX
Breeder: Barbara Swisher and Daniele Daugherty
Owner: Jim and Kathy Herman


Ch Johnsondale’s Cybelle CD
Breeder: Pat Johnson
Owner: Pat Johnson

Ch Johnsondale’s Imp Again CD
Breeder: Pat Johnson
Owner: Pat Johnson

Ch Johnsondale’s Starbuck CD
Breeder: Pat Johnson
Owner: Pat Johnson and Sherry Alligood

Ch Mawrmyth Nadia at Geka CD
Breeder: Cathy Sutton and Marcy Spalding
Owner: Lisa Leffingwell and Dottie Lee

Ch Sans Brancos Anybody’s Love CD
Breeder: Terri Votava
Owner: Terri Votava and Harley


Ch Johnsondale’s Jory v Torbrook CD
Breeder: Pat Johnson
Owner: Sylvia Banks


CH Inchallah’s Desha Vu CD
Breeder: Heike Wehrle
Owner: Bonnie Leonard

Ch. Avatar’s Turning Point CDX NA
Breeder: Barbara Swisher
Owner: Lynn Sharkey

Ch. Johnsondales’ Elegant Jewel CD
Breeder: Pat Johnson
Owner: Ramona Kraft


BISS Am/Can Ch Bayview’s Itza A Queen’s Game UD, MX, TT, HIC, WD-S, WD-C, Certified Service Dog for PWAC, Can/UKC/SKC CDX
Owner: Linda Brady
Breeder: Karen Hodges

Ch. Knave O Heart’s Toby O Noir Mist, CD, TT, HIC, ROM
Owner: Melinda Andric
Breeder: Eugene & Jeanie Schmidt


Ch. Avatar Viva of Chez Les Bel CDX (using old ROM)
Owners: Kathy/Jim Herman and Barbara Swisher
Breeder: Kathy/Jim Herman and Barbara Swishe


BISS CH. Rolin Ridges Cameo
Owner: Linda McCarty
Breeder: Charlene Mascuch

Ch. Reverie’s Black Tie Affair CD
Owner: Jill Miller
Breeder: Jill Miller

Ch. Liswyn’s Firefly of Geka UD
Owner: Lisa Leffingwell
Breeders: Lisa Leffingwell and Dottie Less


Ch Sundown’s Phoenix Masquerade CD HIC TT
Owner: Lynn South
Breeders: Mike and Marcy Fine

Am/Can CH Johnsondale’s Windsong CD HIC HOF
Owner: Dennette Cockley
Breeder: Pat Johnson

Ch. Johnsondale’s I of the Storm CD TT HIC CGC
Owner: Edgardo Simone
Breeder: Pat Johnson and Shery Alligood

Ch. Starwind’s Aquila of Kaori HS CD
Owner: Janice Handlers and Peri Norman
Breeder: Janice Handlers and Sharon Cochran


Ch. Rolin Ridges Images Monte Carlo CD
Owner: Renee Croft and Kelly Kelbley
Breeder: Renee Croft

Ch. SumerWynds Dana of Isengard MX MXJ HXAd CDX TD HOF AHOF WDX
Owner: Lorra Miller
Breeder Dennette Cockley


Ch. Sundown’s Dazzling CD
Owner: Lisa Leffingwell
Breeder: Mike and Marcy Fine

Ch. Spitfire’s Krystal Pistol CD
Owner: Pam Smith
Breeder: Anita Meeks

Ch. Johnsondale’s Belle Sabree
Owner: Renee Croft
Breeder: Pat Johnson


AM/Can Ch Reverie Midnite Acre Ruby CD HIC CGC
Owner: Jill Miller
Breeders: Jill Miller and Melodee Tragnitz


Ch. Spitfire’s Honky Tonk CD CGC HIC
Owner: Anita Meeks
Breeder: Anita Meeks


Ch. Spitfire’s Pedernales CD RN
Owner: Anita Meeks
Breeder: Anita Meeks


CH Krysti van’t Belgisch Schoon CD
Breeder: Angela Barbee
Owner: Terri Ann Votava

CH Isengard’s Licensed to Chill CD RN
Breeder: Lorra Miller
Owner: Ramona Kraft and Penny King

Ch. Isengard’s Just In Time CD RE HXAs HSAdc MX MXJ TT WDX-C Herding HOF Agility HOF ROM
Breeder/Owner: Lorra Miller


Ch. Laralee’s Sparkle O’Liket CD RN OA OAJ
Owner: Laura Patton


CH Spitfire Over the Rainbow CD
Owned and Bred by Anita Meeks


Ch Sans Brancos Twist N Shout Kmk CD RN CGC ROM
Bred by Terri Ann Votava, K Rea
Owned by Terri Ann Votava


Ch Farwoods N’ Moonlite’s Donita CD, BN, RN
Owned & Bred by Juliana Hite & Joan Steimel

Am/Can Ch Celebre Elijah of Hillside CD, RN, HT, CGC
Owned by Sherry & Jeff Hanley
Bred by Sherry & Gary Alligood



Am/Cam/UKC U-CD Sandcastle’s Kutting Edge CDX RE HT HSAs HIC
Owner: Sandy Shaw

Ch. Rolin Ridge’s Glamour Girl CGC HIC MX MXJ XF RA CD
Breeder: Linda McCarty
Owner: Carol Denny and Linda McCarty

CH. Sarron Simply Irresistable CD RN
Breeder/Owner: Sherri Swabb