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Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America

National Specialty Guidelines – Section N Trophies

Section N Trophy Chairperson

The Trophy Chairperson may delegate to assistant chairs to alleviate some of the work load associated with this position. The Trophy Chairperson is responsible to:

  • Select trophies, provide cost estimates to the Show Treasurer;
  • Obtaining Board approval of the trophies and costs;
  • Coordinate with the various event chairpersons (conformation, sweepstakes, Jr. Showmanship, Agility, Obedience, Herding, Tracking, Versatility, etc.) to ensure all needed trophies, ribbons & rosettes are purchased;
  • Solicit and receive trophy donations from members or outside sources;
  • Coordinate with the Show Treasurer handling of trophy payments and donations;
  • Order trophies, ribbons & rosettes;
  • Provide listing of trophies & donors to the superintendent for publication in the catalogue;
  • Take delivery and evaluate all trophies, ribbons & rosettes upon receipt for compliance with AKC and other regulations as well as for correct quantity and damage;
  • Arrange for correction of errors/breakage prior to the show;
  • Sort all ribbons, trophies & rosettes by event/class, etc. Deliver only the relevant items to each event/ring;
  • Ensure stewards understand trophy distribution;

Section N.1 Miscellaneous Trophies

The Merrelyn Clark Memorial Trophy was retired in 2005. This trophy has not been reinstated and there is no need to publish anything in the premium list.

The BSCA Board has allowed several members to offer their own trophies/awards at the National Specialty. These will usually be announced in the BSCA Newsletter prior to the National. There is no need to publish them in the premium list. They should be included in the information booklet.

The Current List of member sponsored trophies (12/2010) are:

  • The Liswyn Challenge Trophy (Lisa Leffingwell)
  • The Celebration of Life Trophy (Linda Brady)
  • The Spirit Award (Viola Dyer)