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National Specialty Guidelines – Section M Insurance

Section M Insurance

The BSCA carries a $1,000,000 liability policy through the AKC Parent Club Group Insurer, Equisure. It is up to the individual event chair persons to determine if any of their sites require either proof of insurance or to be covered under the BSCA policy as an additional insured. Various hotels differ on their requirements. Almost every publically owned facility, whether a State Park for Tracking, municipal building, etc. will require an additional insured certifcate from the BSCA.

The BSCA Treasurer is responsible for requesting and submitting the appropriate forms to Equisure. It is the responsibility of the event chair(s) to provide the Treasurer with the specific wording that must be on the Certificate, as well as the address(es) and contact information.

The Equisure website address is A blank form is included in the Appendix. Only the Treasurer should contact Equisure.   Again, (s)he is the sole contact with the Insurance company as the BSCA has many more insurance requirements besides the National Specialty. Contacts with multiple people causes confusion and certificates may not be mailed in a timely manner!

Review the form and make sure the event chairs provide all the relevant information. P.O. Boxes are NOT acceptable for “Address where event held”. Provide the physical address.

Many municipal governments will provide specific legal wording for who/what should be covered for an Additional Insured request. This specific wording should be entered on the form underneath where you check the type of certificate.

Once the form is complete, the Treasurer should fax the form to Equisure. Equisure will mail a certificate directly to the location requesting and should also send a copy to the Treasurer. The Treasurer should notify you when they receive the certificate so the event chair(s) can follow up with their contact. I would get certificates in place as soon as a need is identified, however, you cannot request a certificate beyond the current term of the policy. (i.e. if the policy renews as of April 1, you cannot request a certificate for a date past April 1 until the next years policy has been renewed.)