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National Specialty Guidelines – Section I Hospitality/Transportation/Versatility/Safety

Section I Hospitality/Transportation/Versatility/Safety Chairperson

It is recommended that the Hospitality Chairperson delegate to two assistant Chairs to help alleviate the burden of this position.

Section I.1 Hospitality

The hospitality chairperson is responsible for the following:

  • Hotel reservations for the judges, dinner arrangements, etc.;
  • Coordinate the set-up of the hospitality room areas for the silent auction and the raffle with the fundraising chairperson;
  • Coordinate the display and sale of National Specialty items with the fundraising chairperson;
  • Coordinate with the National Specialty Chairperson the hours the hospitality room will be open and the staffing of the room;
  • Solicit sponsorship of the hospitality room by various local clubs & groups that may be attending the National;
  • Coordinate any type of ‘Welcome Dinner’ or ‘Kick-Off’ Dinner. Includes making arrangements with the hotel/caterer, designing the registration form, etc.
  • Creating the ‘hospitality arrival package’. This includes a listing of the rules regarding dogs at the facilities in use, and any other vital information people visiting the area may need. The local chamber of commerce can be an important source of information for:
    • Maps of the area;
    • Listing of area restaurants, shopping areas, recreational areas.
    • Maps of the facilities;
    • Emergency phone numbers, including veterinarian;
  • Act as a point of emergency contact for people attending the show;
  • Doggie waste pick-up bags;
  • Plastic sheeting for hotel rooms;
  • Coordinate with the Show Treasurer the prepation of a budget for the hospitality room, preparing a list of necessary supplies (i.e. coffee, napkins, soda, etc.) Purchasing supplies.
  • Coordinate with the Show Treasurer for the collection, security and safeguarding of all funds collected in the hospitality room. All collections should be specifically identified as to their source, such as raffle ticket sales, silent auction receipts, general food donations, etc. This is a particularly important function as in many instances there is a large amount of cash in the room and it has on more than one occasion been stolen.
  • Co-ordinate with the Superintendent/Chief Ring Steward to post the results of the various events in the hospitality room.

Section I.2 Transportation

The transportation function includes the following activities:

  • Investigating means of transportation for attendees from the airport to the hotel. Making any special arrangements with outside transportation companies, if possible;
  • Designating a local Travel Agent to assist out-of-town people with arrangements;

Section I.3 Versatility

The versatility function includes:

  • Providing the write up for the information package regarding the versatility competition at the National Specialty and the entry form for versatility competition;
  • Creating the tracking sheet for the entrants;
  • Maintaining the results of the various competitions for the entrants and posting to the tracking board;
  • Determining the winner of the versatility competition and making the award presentation at the annual awards banquet.

Section I.4 Judges Hospitality

It is recommended that one person be in charge of all judges hospitality during the entire show.

  • Arranging transport of the judges from the airport to the hotel, if necessary. (Once at the hotel, the Chief Ring Steward is responsible for getting the judges to the show site, if needed);
  • Arrange transport of judges from the show site/hotel to the airport, if necessary;
  • Make sure the judge’s tables are appropriately stocked with tissue, papertowels, etc. Also provide water, coffee, soda, etc. during each judges’ assignment;
  • Coordinate with event Chair’s for judges lunches when called for;

Section I.5 Safety

It is recommended to have one person as the designated “Safety Contact”. This person would:

  • Be a the point of contact at the National Specialty for people to reach BSCA guests in case of an emergency;
  • Be in charge of the Emergency Disaster Plans submission to AKC as well as providing relevant information to exhibitors regarding evacuation routes for the various events. This should be placed in the ‘Welcome Packet’ for each exhibitor;
  • Ensure that a First Aid Kit is available at all events;
  • This person should be certified in First Aid and CPR if possible;
  • Additional recommendation for herding: No dogs are allowed to be tied out or left unattended in exercise pens anywhere on the herding property.