Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America

National Specialty Guidelines – Section H Herding

Section H Herding Chairperson

The Herding Chairperson is responsible for the Herding Test/Trail and the HIC. Given the expense of the Test/Trial, the BSCA usually holds two events on the same day. If possible, the HIC should be held on the Test/Trial day in order to minimize costs.

Section H.1 Herding Test/Trial

  • Present the proposal for the Herding Trial to the Board for approval. The proposal should include:
    • Show outline including available/recommended facility(ies) with applicable fees;
    • Recommended Test/Trial Secretary;
    • Location in relation to the host hotel and other venues;
    • Equipment/stock needs;
    • Proposed budget with entry fee recommendation;
    • Estimate of manpower needed and source of workers available;
  • Works with the Treasurer to provide required information to complete the AKC application for Test/Trial(s) and HIC;
  • Informs the Trophy Chairperson of the classes to be offered and the trophies and rosettes needed;
  • Works with the Chief Ring Steward for the number and scheduling of stewards;
  • Recommends judges for the test/trial;
  • Executes contracts with judges following Board approval;
  • Executes contracts for stock;
  • Makes arrangements for rental and set-up of any equipment needed;
  • Coordinates the workers and set-up of the ring for the trial, as well as reconfigurations during the trial for the different classes;

Section H.2 Herding Instinct Certificate

  • Present the proposal for the HIC or HIT; The HIT is an AKC offered event, which requires AKC approval. The HIC is a BSCA event and is the main fundraiser related to herding to help defray the costs of the Trial/Test.
  • Prepare and submit any necessary paperwork to the AKC;
  • Prepare BSCA Certificates;
  • Arrange for entries and proper handling of funds.