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Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America

National Specialty Guidelines – Section E Fundraising/Silent Auction/Raffle

Section E Fundraising

Fundraising is one of the most important aspects the National Specialty in that it provides additional funds to cover the expense of the National. Fundraising helps keep entry fees reasonable! The Fundraising Chairperson may delegate specific activities to sub-chairman to help keep the work load manageable.

Responsibilities of the fundraising chairperson include but are not limited to:

  • Providing a letter to the vendor chairperson requesting donations for the BSCA raffle;
  • Responsible for running the National raffle and coordinating with any local club raffles (if any);
  • Responsible for running the National Silent Auction. This includes arranging for donation of items, table set-up, written descriptions and auction forms;
  • Coordinates the set-up of the raffle and silent auction tables in the hospitality room with the hospitality chairperson;
  • Coordinates sale of raffle tickets, collection and securing of monies for ticket sales as well as at the completion of the silent raffle;
  • Coordinates with the Show Treasurer in the secure, transfer and reporting of fund raising activities;
  • Maintains a list of ideas of successful events and ideas;
  • Provide input/support to local clubs for fundraising events when requested.
  • Clothing sales, if to be offered, fall under the guidance of the fundraising chairperson.

Section E.1 General Guidelines

In general, the BSCA does not purchase items to offer in the raffles.

Items should be received by donation either from members, vendors or local & national vendors. The fundraising chair should maintain a record of people and businesses who have donated to the raffle for future contact and/or a list of prospective donors.

The BSCA membership list should NEVER be exchanged for raffle items or any other reason without the express approval of the Board of Directors.

Section E.2 Successful Fundraisers

Some successful fundraisers have included:

Raffle of trips offered through Fresh Pond Travel – Cruft’s & Westminster

Sale of Belgian related jewelry items;

Themed baskets raffled;