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Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America

National Specialty Guidelines – Section D Chief Ring Steward

Section D Chief Ring Steward

The Chief Ring Steward is responsible for the following:

Secure and schedule competent stewards for all events. Each event chairperson is responsible to provide a list of their steward needs to the Chief Ring Steward.

Coordinate with the Hospitality Chairperson regarding judges and steward needs.

Make sure the appropriate judges books, exhibitor armbands, steward books are delivered from the superintendent/secretary in a timely manner.

Makes sure all rings supplies are available and in working order. i.e. tables, tablecloths, tissues, paper towels, pooper scooper and bucket or other clean up material, wicket (when necessary), water pitchers, bait (if offered to exhibitors).

Coordinate with the trophy chairperson to ensure trophies, ribbons & rosettes are delivered to the rings.

Instruction of proper steward conduct and expectations to the stewards.

Arrange for judges transportation to the hotel if a shuttle service is not offered.

Escort judges from the hotel to the show site (if necessary), escort the judges to lunch or the break area.

Since competent stewards are vital to the success of any large show, a few recommendations are listed regarding the expectations for stewards in all venues:

Stewards are representing the entire membership of the BSCA and should keep this in mind during their assignment. They should dress and behave in a manner favorable to the reputation of the BSCA.

Stewards are responsible to make sure they understand all judges directions and follow them.

Stewards are responsible to make sure they understand the trophy and ribbon/rosettes to pass out for each class. These should be prepared to hand to the judge as each exhibitor leaves the ring.

Stewards double check the judges book to make sure all absences, excusals, etc. are properly noted.

Stewards are responsible to maintain their own record of the judges awards, absences, etc. in the steward’s catalogs. Stewards catalogs must be retained for one year following the event.

Stewards should be friendly and knowledgeable about ring procedures to assist exhibitors and answer questions.

Stewards are responsible to keep things moving along and coordinate the next class to help get dogs in and out of the ring with minimal confusion.

When necessary, the steward should coordinate with the ring announcer (if there is one).