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National Specialty Guidelines – Section C Awards Banquet

Section C Awards Banquet

The Awards Banquet is the last official function of the National Specialty. All events have been held and it is time to recognize not only the winners of the Specialty events, but allow the Awards Committee to present BSCA awards earned during the past year to the members. The Banquet Committee Chairperson is responsible for coordinating the banquet with the hotel, selecting the menu, the type of service (sit-down or buffet-style), arranging for banquet favors, table centerpieces and taking reservations from the members to attend the banquet. (S)He is also responsible to coordinate with the Show Treasurer to ensure the cost of each meal is sufficient to cover the anticipated expenses.

Section C.1 Room Considerations

The Banquet normally draws 100-125 people. The hotel should have a room large enough to seat and serve this many people. Tables are usually rounds for 8-10 people. Be sure to determine if there is a tear-down/set-up fee from the hotel for the banquet. This should be included in the hotel contract. Audio & equipment needs are a podium at the front of the room with microphone.

Section C.2 Other Considerations

All reservations should be done prior to the beginning of the show. Including a reservation form in the information packet is recommended. Do not allow sign-up in the hospitality room, as most people will wait until the last minute to sign up. It is almost impossible to give the hotel an accurate guarantee attendance number with this method.

The cost of the banquet/person should be sufficient to cover all the costs associated with the banquet itself. These include, but are not limited to the cost of the meal itself, the cost of the favors (usually $1-$2 per person), cost of centerpieces (if any), any other specific expenses related to the banquet itself.

The BSCA does not purchase or serve alcohol of any kind. A cash bar may be offered with a hotel employee as bartender.

The agenda of the banquet is as follows:

Getting everyone checked in and seated.

Greeting by the Show Chairman


Judge’s commentary – Breed and Sweepstakes

Introduction of Best of Breed and High in Trial Winners

Awards – Emceed by the Chairman of the Awards Committee. If the Awards Committee Chairman is not in attendance, the Awards should be emceed either by the Show Chairperson or the Club President.

Gloria Davis Bray Award – presented by BSCA Treasurer

Versatility Award – presented by Linda Brady

Liswyn Challenge Trophy – presented by Lisa Leffingwell

Joy of Life Trophy – presented by Linda Brady

Spirit Award – presented by Cathy Vella

OFA Champion for Health – presented by Health Committee Chairperson

Medallion presentations: medallions presentations MUST be presented individually with all winner’s names and titles read;

Under no circumstances will there be any items auctioned or any fund raising of any kind done at the banquet. Any additional requests for other activities/speakers at the Banquet MUST be approved by the Board of Directors in advance.