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Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America

National Specialty Guidelines – Section A Advertising/Catalog/Vendor Committee

Section A   Advertising/Catalog/Vendor Committee

The Advertising/Catalog/Vendor Committee Chairperson is responsible for soliciting advertising, receiving copy, coordinating with the superintendent for the inclusion of ads in the catalog, the sale of catalogs, and the sale of booth space to vendors for the various events. (S)He also coordinates with the grounds committee regarding the establishment of the vendor areas and notifies vendors of arrangements made. It is recommended that the committee chairperson delegate to sub-committee chairs, possibly splitting the job into three segments: advertising, catalog sales and vendors. There are recommended minimum pricing listed below, however, the Committee Chairperson should coordinate with the Show Chairman and the Show Treasurer to determine the rates for advertising as well as vendor fees.

Section A.1 Catalog Format

The physical compilation and printing of the catalog should be covered in the Superintendent’s contract and be the responsibility of the Superintendent. AKC dictates the majority of the form and content of the catalog and the superintendent will be familiar with what these are. If there is a specific logo design for a particular specialty, it is permissible to use this logo on the front cover of the catalogue with the “Belgians on the Skyline” logo on the inside title page. The inside title page is the first page of the catalog, after the inside front cover. The “Belgians on the Skyline” must appear in the catalog.

Section A.2 Catalog Advertising

Advertising may be solicited from outside sources (non-BSCA members) and it is the responsibility of the Catalog Committee Chairperson to coordinate the contacts and activities of advertising from all sources. The information packet should contain information for submition of catalog advertising as well.

Section A.3 Types of Advertising

The BSCA makes available two separate types of advertising:

1.  Traditional Ads: include one-half tone photograph, if desired copy limited to 50 words or less. Ad sizes offered are: full page and half page. Due to the size of the catalog, quarter pages are too small and create printing efficiency problems and are not offered.

2.  Booster Page: no photos allowed copy only. This is an inexpensive means for people to support the club and help defray the cost of the specialty.

Section A.4 Advertising Pricing

Advertising pricing should be set to cover the incremental cost of the additional pages in the catalog.

1.  Traditional Ads: Suggested minimum rates are $50.00 for a full page; $25.00 for a half page; Inside front cover – reserved for the prior year’s National Specialty Winner; $75.00 inside back cover; $100.00 outside back cover.

2.  Booster Page: $1.00 per line, minimum number of lines at least 5.

Section A.5 Catalog Sales

The Catalog chairperson is responsible for sales of catalogs at all events. The Chair is responsible for picking up catalogs from the superintendent and making them available for sale. Catalogs may also be pre-sold through the information packet. It is the responsibility of the Catalog Chair to secure and safeguard all funds received from the sale of catalogs as well as the catalogs themselves. The Catalog chair should work with the Superintendent and various Event Secretaries to make sure there are sufficient catalogs in reserve for judges & steward requirements.

1.  Sale of marked catalogs: The catalog chair, may, at their discretion, offer for sale for an additional fee a complete set of marked catalogs from the National Specialty. While this is popular with the public, marking and mailing the catalogs is a significant amount of work which should be considered before offering this option.