Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America

National Specialty Guidelines – Appendix C Sample Generic Judge’s Contract

Belgian Sheepdog Club of America





Re: <YEAR> Belgian Sheepdog Club of America National Specialty


This letter will confirm our previous contact regarding the judging of the <YEAR> BSCA National Specialty.

This contract covers the <YEAR> BSCA National Specialty to be held in <CITY>, <STATE> on <STARTING DATE> through <ENDING DATE> with <EVENT> judging to take place on <DATE(S)>. You should arrange to fly into <CLOSEST AIRPORT>, in <CITY>, <STATE>.

Judging Fees – All Fees and Expenses to be paid in US Funds. In addition to your judging fee of <FEE> the Belgian Sheepdog Club of America will reimburse the following expenses:

1.Lodging – <#OF NIGHTS> nights lodging at the <HOST> Hotel.

2.Reasonable Meal Expenses.

3.Airfare – Lowest non-upgradeable coach roundtrip airfare.

4.Ground Transportation – shuttle between the host hotel and airport with transportation

during your stay at our Specialty to be provided by club-members.

NOTE: All reimbursable expenses require itemization and must be approved by the Show Chair or the President of the Belgian Sheepdog Club of America and will be paid in full directly to the Judge on the day of the show. Non-reimbursable expenses include, but are not limited to:

First Class Airfare

Additional cost for traveling companions not contracted to judge for the <DATE> BSCA National Specialty.

Car Rental


Airport parking

Baby/dog sitting

Loss of days of work

Kenneling fees

Travel time

Telephone calls

Hotel in-room movies

Bar bills, mini-bar bills from restaurants, bars or hotel room

Any other items which do not have prior approval

To allow sufficient time for processing, all fees and expenses must be submitted to the Show Chairman or the BSCA Treasurer within three days following the completion of your assignment. Reimbursement for any portion of a judge’s expenses will not be paid to a third party. Fees not related to expense reimbursement in excess of $600 will require a completed W-9 form to be filed with the BSCA Treasurer. Failure to provide a W-9 form will result in Federal Income Tax withholding of 28% from the applicable portion of the fee.

The club also requests that you submit a written critique within 30 days of judging which will become the property of the club. This critique will be published in the club newsletter. The Club also invites you and your spouse (if attending the show) to attend the Award’s Banquet on Saturday, <DATE>. It would be the Club’s honor to hear your evaluation of your entry at this time.

Please contact me if you have any questions. If you have any special requirements you would like me to arrange, please let me know. We look forward to welcoming you to <CITY> and know that with your help, we will have a wonderful show.





Judge’s Acceptance of the Above Terms:  ___________________________________________________________

Please sign one copy and return to me in the enclosed envelope.

AGREEMENT: I will not judge the same Breed at another show within 200 miles of this show site for the four months preceding this assignment.