Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America

BSCA National Specialty Guidelines

National Specialty Statistics (XLS)

National Specialty Dedication Guidelines (PDF)

Belgian Sheepdog Club of America National Specialty Handbook

Table of Contents

I.  Introduction & History

II.  Preparing to Bid to Host a National Specialty

A.  Timing & Reporting Requirements

B.  Local Core Show Committee

C.  Events & Activities

D.  City/Site Considerations

E.  Outside Local Area Assistance

III.  You’ve Won the Bid! Now What?

Major Considerations

A.  AKC Paperwork/”Red Book”

B.  National Specialty Headquarters

1.  Guest Accommodations

2.  Meeting Facilities

3.  Hospitality Facilities

4.  Banquet Facilities

C.  Show sites

1.  Conformation/Sweepstakes

2.  Obedience

3.  Agility

4.  Herding

5.  Tracking

D.  Judge Selection

E.  Contracts

 IV. Committees – Detailed Information/Job Duties

A.  Advertising/Catalog/Vendors

B.  Agility

C.  Banquet

D.  Chief Ring Steward

E.  Fundraising/Silent Auction/Raffle

F.  Grooming

G.  Grounds/Parking/RV

H.  Herding/HIC

I.  Hospitality/Transportation/Versatility/Safety

J.  Obedience

K.  Tracking

L.  Treasurer

M.  Insurance

N.  Trophy

V.  Appendix

A.  BSCA National Specialty Regions

B.  Request for Certificate of Insurance

C.  Sample judge’s contract

D.  Sample vendor’s contract

E.  Silent Auction Form

F.  Trophy Donation Form