Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America


2016-2017 BSCA Board of Directors


President:   Cara Greger
First Vice President:   Sherry Hanley
Second Vice President:   Penny King
Treasurer:   Cindy Herman
Recording Secretary:   Jana Behm
Corresponding Secretary:   Julie Fiechter

Board Members:

Kathay Lovell
Cynthia Ryder
Janice Powers


AKC Delegate:  Barbara Swisher
Liaison –  Sherry Hanley

Represents the Belgian Sheepdog Club of America at the four quarterly delegates meetings of the American Kennel Club. Provides quarterly reports to the board and membership regarding upcoming votes and important issues.

Gazette Columnist:  Barb Trezza
Liaison –  Cynthia Ryder

Awards:  Linda Brady 
Liaison –  Kathay Lovell

The Awards Committee is responsible for solicitation of and accepting notification from members about AKC titles won the previous calendar year, and provides medallions, plaques and certificates or similar tokens of achievement that are awarded at the annual BSCA Awards banquet.

Breeders Education: Kathy Champine
Liaison –  Penny King

BSCA Newsletter Editor:  Barbara Swisher
BSCA Newsletter Submissions: News Letter Submissions
Note: (Place “BSCA Newsletter” in subject line of emails to Newsletter personnel.)
Liaison –  Cara Greger

BSCA Web Director:  David Jackson
Liaison –  Cindy Herman

BSCA Store (Fundraising): Vacant
Liaison –  Cindy Herman

Constitution:  Barbara Swisher
Liaison –  Cindy Herman
The Constitution Committee reviews the BSCA Constitution and Code of Ethics for any areas that require revision or deletion, and provides recommendations to the Board of Directors for review and follow-up with general membership discussion and approval activity as required.

Finance Committee –  Cara Greger
Liaison –  Cindy Herman

The Finance Committee is responsible for reviewing financial policies, ad/hoc reporting/recommendations, annual budgeting and 5 year strategic plan.

Audit Committee Christopher Curran
Liaison –  Penny King

The Audit Committee is independent of the treasurer and is responsible for review of financial records.

General Education:  Sherry Hanley
Liaison –  Kathay Lovell
The General Education Committee identifies opportunities and effective ways to educate and provide information to the general public about Belgian Sheepdogs and their capabilities, and assists in the production and update of supportive general education materials. This committee has put together a Puppy Manual and is charged with identifying opportunities to educate the general public about Belgian Sheepdogs and assisting in producing education materials for distribution to specific requests about BSD’s.

Health:  Peggy Richter
The Health Committee provides information to the club by attendance at AKC sponsored seminars, submits annual updates on BSCA sponsored research activities or projects such as those administered by the AKC Canine Health Foundation, and makes recommendations for other areas that are of interest or impact on Belgian Sheepdog health areas. Coupled with the Health Committee is the Health Registry that maintains a database of Belgian Sheepdog health related information. Health Registry forms are distributed annually to all members, inputted in the database upon receipt, and database information provided on health related requests.
Liaison Cindy Herman

Historian:  Sharon LaFuse 
Liaison –  Cindy Herman

Judges Education:  Linda Robey
Liaison –  Cara Greger
The Judges Education Committee conducts a breed seminar at each National Specialty, assists local clubs by conducting judges seminars or providing seminar and breed information materials, and provides current educational material and continued support to licensed AKC Belgian Sheepdog judges.

Judges Selection:  Marion Heise
Liaison –  Julie Fietcher

Junior Showmanship:  Samantha Niemeck
Liaison –  Cynthia Ryder
BSCA Junior Showmanship Policy

Legislative ActionPeggy Richter
Liaison –  Cara Greger

Mediation & Arbitration Cara Greger

Membership:  Penny King
Liaison –  Penny King

The Membership Committee contacts those members who have let their memberships lapse after the annual renewal period and newsletter subscribers regarding becoming active members. This committee also provides a forum for recommendations and ideas regarding member retention.

Member Profile Form

Merit Achievement:  Karen Hodges
Liaison – Cara Greger

The Merit Achievement Committee is comprised of the Working Dog (WD), Registry of Merit (ROM), and Hall of Fame (HOF) sub-committees. It is responsible for setting and updating the criteria for earning lifetime achievement awards; processing requests from members for recognition in conformation (HOF), working events (i.e. herding, tracking, obedience, etc. and associated titles such as WD, WDX, TDX, UDX, etc.), breed impact through offspring (ROM), and for the procurement and presentation of appropriate awards at the annual BSCA Awards banquet.

All in one award application forms (HOF, ROM and WD) are located here

Messenger Dog Committee: Annabelle Cambier
Liaison –  Cynthia Ryder
The goals of the BSCA Messenger Dog Committee are: To develop rules and regulations for a Messenger Dog Trial appropriate for the BSCA and to institute Messenger Dog titles that will be recognized by the BSCA. To publish safety and training suggestion guidelines. To establish an awareness of this part of our breed’s historical importance. At the 2003 National, this committee gave a demonstration of training tips for messenger dogs; and held the first BSCA Messenger Dog event. Twenty-one Belgian Sheepdogs became the first to earn the certification, FMD, Future Messenger Dog. Messenger Dog events are planned for future specialties.

National Specialty Advisory:  Melinda Andric
Liaison Cindy Herman
The National Specialty Advisory Committee provides guidance and assists local groups in hosting and coordinating National Specialty events.  Specialty Guidelines

Performance Events:  Linda Brady
Liaison –  Cara Greger
The Performance Events Committee exists to promote the working ability of the Belgian Sheepdogs and encourage members to participate in dog sports with their Belgians. This committee supplies newsletter articles on performance related subjects, manages the BSCA HIC activity and award of HIC titles, and maintains the BSCA Versatility Program. This committee works with the Awards Committee to ensure appropriate awards are available for award and recognition at the annual BSCA Awards banquet.

Outstanding Sportsmanship Julie Fietcher
Liaison –  Cara Greger

Regional Specialty Coordinator : Carleen Wiles
Liaison Kathay Lovell
This committee oversees the Regional Specialty and Supported Entry requests as well as assisting in the formation of New BSCA Approved Regional Clubs.

Sunshine/Remembrance Committee:  Pat Porter 
Liaison –  Cara Greger