Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America


AKC Standard

Motion should be smooth, free, and easy, seemingly never tiring, exhibiting facility of movement rather than a hard driving action. He tends to single track on a fast gait; the legs, both front and rear, converging toward the centerline of gravity of the dog. The backline should remain firm and level, parallel to the line of motion, with no crabbing. He shows a marked tendency to move in a circle rather than a straight line.


The Belgian Sheepdog should excel in movement. It should be one of its most outstanding assets. In every aspect, movement should show total balance and efficiency. Nothing about the gait should show effort or lack of balance between all of the parts. At no time should the front and rear quarters of the dog seem to be out of balance or coordination. The gait is light and graceful, with easy but not extreme reach. As with everything else in the breed, the ideal is perfect balance.

The Belgian Sheepdog’s backline in movement should remain firm and level with no excess rolling or choppy motion. The Belgian should give the impression that they can continue at their natural speed all day, having not only great endurance but also agility. They should appear to be capable of making quick turns needed for herding and working tasks. Coming and going, the dog should approach a single-track when moved at a trot, neither interfering with itself nor traveling on a wide base.

Notice the position of the feet, the front feet are at the tip of the nose and the rear foot has the same amount of extension. Also notice how relaxed this movement appears, you should notice ease of motion at all times.


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