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Judges Education
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Judges Education

The BSCA is dedicated to the improvement and betterment of all aspects of the Belgian Sheepdog. As part of that commitment, we have established a committee to educate judges and potential judges. Our goal is to help you understand the essence of this beautiful herding breed.

The Judges Education Committee (JEC) performs many valuable duties for AKC judges. The Committee presents workshops for judges, answers questions and letters from judges, sends out educational material to new judges, refers judges who are learning the breed to Presenters and Mentors all around the country.

If you are interested in having an educational event, please feel free to contact any member of the JEC or any BSCA approved mentor directly or:

Chairman, Judges Education Committee

Linda Robey
4491 Green Valley Dr.
High Ridge, MO. 63049
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For education material, please contact:

Marcy Spalding
253 Bryn Mawr Circle
Houston, TX 77024
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Judges Education Committee Members

Sandy Shaw
P.O. Box 136, DeWitt, MI 48820
517-669-1812 (summer)
517-230-5502 (winter)
moc.l1511367979iamg@15113679795804y1511367979dnas 1511367979
Peri Norman
Los Angeles, CA
moc.l1511367979oa@sr1511367979eldna1511367979hj 1511367979
Marcy Spalding
Houston, TX
moc.l1511367979oa@ht1511367979ymrwa1511367979M 1511367979
Jill Miller
Bothell, WA
ten.t1511367979sacmo1511367979c@dsb1511367979eirev1511367979er 1511367979

Susan Hoffman
ten.i1511367979cg@ec1511367979ikcal1511367979b 1511367979


BSCA Approved Mentors

The BSCA has an approved list of mentors to work with judges and potential judges of the Belgian Sheepdog. These mentors can provide structured educational seminars, ringside tutoring and any additional assistance needed. We have mentors throughout the country to provide easy access to continuing education.

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Breeder Judges

Breeder judges can be a great asset in the education process. If you would like to observe under one of our breeder judges or just discuss the breed they are a wonderful source of knowledge and insight.

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Specialties and Supported Entries

This section includes National Specialties, Regional Specialties and Supported show information. To see a large entry of Belgian Sheepdogs it is best to attend a specialty or supported entry. Any planned education event will be included with the show information. A contact name will be included if possible.

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Breed Presentation

Breed Type In the Belgian Sheepdog – A study guide for Judges.