Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America

HOF – Agility


Ch MACH 2 Shalyn Dances on Heir
Owner: Kurt and Jean Matushek

Mawrmyth’s Kokopelli HT MX MXJ
Owner: Carol Tacquard and Marcy Spalding

Ch. Discovery’s Great Escape CD MX MXJ HIC
Owner: Linda Brady

Ch. SumerWynd’s Dana Of Isengard VCD2 HS HI HXAd MX
Owner:Lorra Miller

Ch. Shalyn’s Do You Wanna Dance CD MX MXJ HIC
Owner: Lynn Sharkey

Cassy’s Fantasia of De La Fuse CD MX MXJ
Owner: Sharon LaFuse


Ch. Cosmic Nuit de la Comete MX MXJ
Breeders/owners: Renee and Roman Artymyshyn

Ch. Claire de Lune Summertime Blues CD MX MXJ WD-C
Owner: Lynn Sharkey

Ch. Wandrlyn-Brio’s Beeping Cold CDX MX MXJ
Owner: Leah Schulman


Ch. Liswyn’s Havena Good Time UDX MX MXJ
Owners: Susan Bonness and Gayle York

Beartooth Mountain Sapphire MX MXJ CGC
Owner: Mary Hunter

Ch. Wandrlyn Charfire Blazing Ice MX MXJ
Owner: Elaine Havens

Ch. Discovery’s Bayview Gossip CDX MX MXJ WD-C
Owners: Karen Hodges and Linda Brady


Ch. Mountain Thunder MX MXJ
Owner: William and Annette Miller


Ch. Image’s Grand Illusion of Avatar MX MXJ CD
Owners: Lynn Sharkey and Barbara Swisher

Ch. Epic’s PreMier in Balck PT MX MXJ
Owner: Viola Dyer


Ch. Phoenix Empress of the Night, UD VCD2 MX MXJ
Owners: Lise & Charles Mason

Ch. Bayview’s Run For The Money RE CD MX MXJ
Owners:Karen Hodges and Linda Brady

Ch. Celebre Flash Frozen MX MXJ
Owner: Shery Alligood

Ch. Isnegard’s Mirage of Belroyale MX MXJ
Owner: Linda Mizrahi

Ch. Isengard’s Just Shyla MX OAP MXJ OJP
Owner: Susan Anderson


Isengard’s Precious MX MXJ
Breeder: Susan Anderson
Owner: Susan Anderson

Reverie Smooth Sailing MX MXJ CD RA HIC CGC
Breeder: Jill Miller
Owner: Linda Brady

CH Rolin Ridge’s Unforgettable MX MXJ NF CDX RAE PT HSAd WDX-C
Breeder: Linda McCarty
Owner: Gina O’Gara

CH Quakemaker’s Nepenthe CDX HT RE MX MXJ AXP MJP2 NFP
Breeder: Carol and Max Schwartz
Owner: Barbara Harrill

CH San’s Branco’s Quick from the Gate UD MX MXJ AXP AJP NFP RE PT
Breeder: Terri Ann Votava and Melinda Andric
Owner: Alissa Levine


Ch. Isengard’s Just In Time CD RE HSAdsc HIAs HXAs MX MXJ
Breeder: Lorra Miller
Owner: Lorra Miller

Whitchmtn Wildwild West
Breeder: Dottie Lee
Owner: Vicki Marie

CT.Bris Allegro VCD! RN HSAd MX MXJ XF
Breeder: Gayle Drewry
Owner: Wendy Sommer

Bridger of L’Ariel MX MXJ OF CGC
Breeder: Unknown
Owner: Kim Wilson

Ch. Hibernia du Cadre Noir MX MXJ HIC CGC
Breeder: Katherine L. John and Mary Linda Adams
Owner: Renee and Roman Artymyshyn, Maureen Gargan and Joanne Hodder

Whithchmtn Wildwild West of Geka
Owner: Vickie Marie
Breeder: Dottie Lee


Epic’s Bon Deux PT MX MXJ OF
Breeder/owner: Viola Dyer

Ch Reverie Rocky Royale O’Horde CDX RAE MX MXJ OAP AJP OF
Breeder: Jill A Miller
Owner: Gail O’Neil

MACH Moonlites’ A Bit of Dignity RAE OF AAD
Owner: Deborah Abbott

Glace Noire Rocket MX MXJ MXF CDX
Breeder: Connie and Rick Batsford
Owners: Joan Hagar and Dave Vesely

Loup Riant’s Rebel Rescue MX MXJ XF
Breeder: unknown
Owners: Deb and Kevin Frank


Epic’s Azria Lea PT MX MXJ NF WD-C
Breeder/Owner: Viola Dyer

Ch. Isengard’s Slide’N into Bayview CDX RE MX MXJ OF
Breeder: Lorra Miller and Cathy Sheeter
Owner: Linda Brady and Karen Hodges


CH MACH Belroyale’s Indy Pendence
Breeder/owner: Linda Mizrahi

CH Select Isengard-n-SumerWynd’s Neojax UD RA MX MXJ MXF PT
Breeder: Lorra Miller and Dennette Cockley
Owner: Michelle Wilson

Epic’s Brandishing The Wind MX MXJ OF
Breeder: Viola Dyer
Owners: Shari Fischio and Viola Dyer

Isengard’s Unleashed RN MX MXJ OF
Breeder: Lorra Miller
Owner: Susan Anderson and Lorra Miller


CH MACH Belroyale’s Indy Pendence
Owned & Bred by Linda Mizrahi

Isengard’s Unleashed MX MXJ RN OF
Owned by Susan Anderson & Lorra Miller
Bred by Lorra Miller

Epics Brandishing The Wind MX MXJ OF
Owned by Shari Fischio & Viola Dyer
Bred by Viola Dyer

CH Isengards – N – SumerWynd NeoJax UD RA MX MXJ XF PT FMD CGC TT WDX-C
Owned by Michelle Wilson
Bred by Lorra Miller & Denette Cockley


U-CD Rolin Ridge’s Genuine Gold CDX RE PT MX MXJ MJB XF MAD
Owner: Stacy Garvin
Breeder: Linda McCarty

Masterpiece’s E Street Echo CDX RE MX MXB MXJ MJB T2B NAP NJP OF
Owners: Robert & Karen Agacinski
Breeder: Laurie Bandy

MACH 10 Verseau’s Lakota Sky MXG3 MJG3 NAP NJP
Breeder: Penny King Ramona Kraft
Owners: Kimberly & Christian Eckhoff

GCh Verseau’s Passage to India MX MXJ MJB T2B CA
Breeder: Penny King & Ramona Kraft
Owners: Andy & Sue McGregor, P King, R Kraft


Ch Celebre Grayson Taking Chances CDX RE MX MXJ NAP NJP
Breeders: Sherry Alligood, Marcy Spalding Carol Tacquard
Owners: Karen Hodges

Epic’s 3B PT, MX, MXJ
Owned and Bred by Viola Dyer


CH MACH Belroyale’s Brillance N Black MXB MJB
Owned & Bred by Linda Mizrahi

Moonlite’s Bear Necessity CD RAE MX MXJ OF
Owned & Bred by Julie Hite


Ch MACH6 Isengard’s Viva Le Cool VCD1 HSADS MXG2 MJC2 MXF MFB TQX T2B2
Breeder: Lorra Acord Miller
Owner: John and Beth Elliott

Epic’s C’est la Vie HSAs MX MJB NF
Breeder: Viola Dyer and Tami Worley
Owner: Viola Dyer

Good Time Girl De La Fusee MX MXB MXJ MJS MXF MFB T2B2
Breeder/Owner: Sharon Lafuse